• Rob Castillo

Tyler's Last Cookie

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Tyler left one cookie in the box. His mom had sent him a care package, and he wanted to save the last oatmeal chocolate chip for after his stats midterm. A celebratory kind of thing. As he’s about to step out for the night, his roommate, Nick, burst through the door breathing heavy.

Tyler was about to say something, but Nick put a finger over his mouth. Nick rummaged through his drawers and found a piece of chalk. He moved their rug and coffee table aside, got down on all fours, and started drawing on the floor. Tyler watched as Nick drew a hexagon with little circles at the corners, two triangles intersecting in the middle, and a bunch of crazy sigils inside. At Nick’s command the whole thing disappeared.

“Nick, what the—“


Nick led Tyler by the wrist into the closet.

“Shit,” cursed Nick. Then he went back out, grabbed Tyler’s last cookie from its box, and placed it on the floor, right in the middle of where he'd been drawing.

“What the hell, that’s my last coo—“


Nick hid back in the closet with Tyler. They waited. A few seconds passed and the door to their dorm creaked open. The woman Nick was supposed to be on a date with tonight walked in; long hair, brunette, and beautiful. Beautiful enough for Tyler to keep quiet. She coquettishly craned her neck around the room.

“Oh Nick, where are you?” she said. "Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Tyler glared at Nick, wondering what the hell he was in the middle of. Nick wordlessly pleaded with him to stay quiet.

The woman stepped slow and lightly across their floor. Then she saw the cookie. She bit her bottom lip and looked around. She smiled a little, and got down on all fours.

Tyler’s eyes grew wide as the lady began to transform into a muscle bound mass of gray flesh. Claws came out of her hands and feet which turned into paws. Her face transformed into that of a devilish hound. The thing moved closer to the cookie and sniffed it.

The demon hound devoured Tyler's last cookie. It’s saliva dripped on their floor, and made hissing sounds as it landed.

Nick took a pen out of his pocket. The tip began to glow blue.

Tyler sank back into the closet’s shadows. Nick kicked the closet door open, shouting an incantation.

Ardum Catanathe Yugosa Thuuum!”

A blast of blue energy shot out from the tip of Nick’s pen and hit the floor. The invisible hexagon he’d drawn with the chalk flared white along with its mysterious sigils. The demon hound snarled at Nick, crumbs of oatmeal chocolate chip falling from its mouth. And just as the demon dog was about to pounce, Nick yelled “Hovath!” . The hexagon shot up a cylindrical beam of white light and disintegrated the demon, leaving only cookie crumbs behind.

Nick collapsed on the floor. Tyler crawled out of the closet.

“Nick,” Tyler said. “We need to talk.”

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